When tact isn’t a strong point…

Don’t ever turn your back on them… well at least not when it involves something with a chip processor.

5 seconds to get yourself a drink of water and one of the children will inevitably end up on the chair sending messages to who knows where… It is these times when the admin undelete selection is a welcome addition to my options…

Then of course there’s “stalkerbook”… and a 15yo computer whiz kid who’s rather adept… I returned tonight to find a reply on a status update (yes.. MY login) asking a friend how the mileage was going on her broomstick..

And yes, she’d already replied… thankfully she is a close friend and her response was her’s was playing up a tad and most likely getting much less than mine.

Sooooo.. today’s lesson is remembering to shut the laptop lid as I walk away.. might save me some face in the long run….


~ by C J on March 30, 2010.

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