Questions, questions, questions!


We all know that tone… and sometimes even dread hearing it. This morning it was my 8yo, calling from the dining room and rousing me from what was left of my morning’s sleep at around 6:30am..

“Hmmmm?” with the eyes still closed of course, expecting one of her usual questions :-
Are we poor?
Why am I the only girl?
When will I get cancer?
What’s an adult shop?

You get the theme here? *sigh*

“The door’s stuck!!!” I snap back to reality…

Huh? Goes my mind as I begrudingly get up and wander out to dining area. The sliding glass door to the outside of the house is wide open.. and she is feebly attempting to close it.

I walk over and give it a push.. nope, doesn’t budge.
“What did you do to it hon?”
“Notttttttthiiiinggg! I just opened it!”
“Hard or gently?” knowing full well that it would take quite a shove to get it jammed..

I give up and leave it….

This afternoon after collecting the children from various points around town, she notices the door is fixed.

“You fixed it!!”
“No, actually I rang the people who own the house and they sent someone out to fix it,” after I gave the receptionist the what for as this is the fourth or fifth time I’ve reported that door… in 6 months with no response.
“Well yeah… but YOU fixed it by ringing them….”


~ by C J on April 1, 2010.

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