Well ummmmm okaaaaaay….

The phone was ringing… again. So much for a quiet day. Picked it up, checked the caller ID and noticed it was my DD’s school.. Hmmmm.

Indeed it was the office, ringing to tell me Miss Eight was in the sick bay with a headache and how would I like to handle it. I know quite a few thoughts zipped through my head momentarily but I couldn’t grasp any of them long enough to make any sense.

“Oh.. can I speak to her please?”

There was some noise and murmuring before she came to the phone and warily answered, “Hi Mum,”

I asked her how her headache was and she replied it was “really bad”.
How much water had she been drinking and did she sleep okay last night… all she answered quite clearly. Hmmm

Okay.. so I’m happy to pick her up but did she realise that her father is meant to collect her from after school care? I might need to call him and let him know that she couldn’t make it to his birthday dinner but otherwise all good.

Silence on the phone… before she quietly replies that she should be fine to finish the school day… she thinks.
I again tell her that I will come down and pick her up.. but she is insistent she will manage.
I ask her to hand the phone back to the administration assistant…. a few more murmurings in the background and I hear the voice of the office lady as she speaks to my DD..

“She’s going back to class?” she asks.
“Okay, how did she seem to you?” I query wondering if I’m actually the meanest mum out.
“Well she was sitting in the sick bay chatting to another lad in there wrapped in the blanket, she seemed chirpy enough,”
Hmmmm interesting…

“She folded the blanket as she left,”
“Yes,” she chuckles.

So I guess miracles do happen.


~ by C J on April 22, 2010.

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