Thanks for that…

On my lengthy drive… well ummm errrr, crawl into the Big Smoke today, I found myself thinking of things I never thought I’d ever do… and yet, WHAMMO! I’m doing them – thanks of course, to my children.

1. I would never drive anywhere remotely NEAR a major city, no way.. nuh uh..
Well not only do I drive near it… I drive AROUND it, THROUGH it and even get lost, almost calmly in it. Thanks for that one kids… I could have possibly survived without it… considering the total freak outs and sweat breakouts I used to have even considering such a trip.

2. I never thought I’d disagree with a doctor… just not the done thing. Um yes… I now tend to disagree with quite a few. Hmmm yep, thanks again kids.

3. Buy a 4WD. There was no *&^%#ing way I would EVER own one. Seriously what WAS the point of them??
Ok.. I get it.. more seating and still towing capacity (coz you need to carry a lot more stuff with a few more children… add trailer. ). Thanks yet again kids.

Oh.. I could go on.. (it was an hour’s journey.. lots of realisations in that time! ). So my final thought tonight is… what the heck else have I refused to consider… coz I really want to be prepared now!!


~ by C J on May 5, 2010.

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