What’s YOUR currency???

It’s been a pattern of late…15yo refuses to get up until he has less than 10 mins to be at school and then requests a lift. He’s been lucky since I’ve had appointments to take others to and could drop him off “on the way”.

It’s not like he doesn’t have options… the bus leaves at 7:30am from the top corner… it takes 5 mins to walk up there. His 8yo sister can do it every morning… but he doesn’t like it.

OR he can walk the full distance… 3.2km to be there by his 8:20am start and save the $5 weekly bus fare.

No… he thinks he can do it “his” way and get mum to drive him…

I’ve tried being really embarrassing… purple hair, loud 80’s music on the car cd player, uncombed hair, still wearing pajamas.. Nup.. doesn’t work.

So this morning he tried it again… 20 mins after his sister left for the bus.

“Mum, drive me to school,”
“Ok, it will cost you $5,”
“WHAAeAAT? It’s $5 for the whole week on the bus!!!”
“True but you are too late for the bus and it will cost you more than that for a taxi,”

Doubt I’ve ever seen him move that fast to grab his school backpack and run out the door before!


~ by C J on May 10, 2010.

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