Stories for a 21st.

Little things often jog my memory of younger days… and I can’t help but smile at them…

Today it was a free concert in the midst of an eco festival I attended with a couple of my “cyber” friends and their gorgeous families. As soon as I heard the lines of his first song from the stall we were standing at, my mind wandered back to a music festival when my now 15yo son was 3.

He was quite a country music fan back then.. (because he isn’t now… of course! ).. as a single mum with a 3 yo, I rarely had money to attend music festivals and hadn’t yet discovered the perks of volunteering.

It took me months to save the money to take him to the Muster…. camping gear, warm wet weather clothing, gumboots… and a $160 entry fee (12 yrs ago) was quite a stretch.. but I did it..

We had a great time, regardless of the cold, the wet, the mud, the rowdy “cowboys” and generally enjoyed it all. I decided to buy a CD with what was left of my budget as a memento and took him with me to the CD tent.

Along one wall was an expansive display dedicated to the latest album launch of the very popular Troy Cassar Daly, you really couldn’t miss it but it wasn’t in my sights. I set to searching for something more to my liking whilst my DS wandered in and out of the stands but still within my perifery.

Suddenly I heard him clearly yell, “MUM! Look! Troy Cassar Daly!”
Not wanting to lose my place in the masses of CDs I didn’t lift my head but nodded and said I knew.

He repeated it a few times… (he was quite a fan… at 3. He could recognise more country music stars than I knew the names of!) until I finally tore my gaze away from the rows of CDs towards the direction of the massive TCD display to repeat that I knew it was there.

Before I could speak, I locked eyes with my lad holding someone’s hand… as I looked up, you guessed it – Troy Cassar Daly was waving at me.

My annoyance turned to embarrassment as I raced over to apologise and unentwine my child from his fingers…

I managed a humble thank you before he asked if my son would like anything signed… he had a nikko pen ready. Before I could think, my boy had pointed to the chest of his jumper. I relented… and the star knelt down in the mud and signed across the front whilst my son grinned from ear to ear.

Then someone called out to Troy from the edge of the tent… and we all looked around to see his wife Laurel (a radio and tv presenter) asking him if he was ready as they were late. Troy introduced my son to her as I stood still wondering what had just happened.

Before I knew it, they were saying goodbye and telling us to enjoy the rest of the festival and they hoped to see us the following year and they disappeared into the crowded throng of festival goers outside…

I didn’t get to buy a CD…. but my 15yo has continued to “pick” up well known stars in the most unusal instances over the years… some I will need to remind him of in a few years time…


~ by C J on May 16, 2010.

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