Doing what??

My day starts at 6am… usually trying to calm down a wide awake 4yo who insists on singing, bashing, crashing or anything else loud enough to wake the whole household. It’s not that he’s not happy to play – he is.. just forgets he’s the only one out of bed!

Then it’s onto preparing breakfast for all the kids but mostly Mstr 4.. then a shower for me, loading the washing into the machine and starting it before waking the others (or trying to let the 3yo sleep in whilst waking the elder 2).

The school kids leave by 7:25am for the bus…. and then it’s time to tend to the garden, hang out washing, feed the sourdough starter, have a quick breakfast myself not forgetting my coffee.. and supplements.
Get the boys’ stuff together, bags, nappies, sheets or whatever is needed and drive them to daycare on those days.. or find a suitable activity to keep them busy for a short time.

Start a loaf of bread – either yeast or sourdough depending on when it’s required for. Make any other requirements for the following couple of days – ricemilk, stock, ricotta, butter etc….

The bulk of the day is usually taken up with appointments – or driving to and from them, sitting waiting for them.. or organising one it seems.. Funny how I’m already booked up to October.. and it’s May.. Yay.. NOT! If I’m not doing that…(yes, it DOES happen!), it’s housework.. vaccuuming and folding Mt Foldmore – it just goes on!

Somewhere in there, I shop, organise groceries, pay bills and sort school notes, excursions and the like too…

Afternoons involve rounding up children, homework and organising dinner… and evenings are a mass of cleaning up from dinner, bathing children and preparing lunches for the following day… Somedays I fall into bed by 1am…

So how come my children still think I do nothing all day???


~ by C J on May 24, 2010.

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