Back to your usual programming…

“I wish I had a normal family,” Miss 8 announced with quite a pout after her attempt to dress her dancing 3yo brother in his jumper failed dismally.

“Why is that hon?” I answered still engrossed in the breadmaking I was doing..

“Hmmmmpf! I just wish you were all normal like me so I didn’t have to be the only one! I do have a life too you know!” She stormed off to her room ungraciously slamming her door.

The younger boys were giggling and play fighting on the dining room floor and I was musing over her outburst and my response, if any..

Her hasty exit to her room roused her elder brother from his room querying what the noise was all about.

“Oh she’s just overwhelmed at the moment… I’m sure she’ll calm down,” I was trying to convince myself I guess.

He glared at me as only a teenage boy would be game to….

“Well I don’t get it… we are normal… for us!”


~ by C J on May 29, 2010.

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