The little things count.

I could hear little noises from Master 4’s bedroom after his usual bathroom ritual around 6am.  Not really wanting to move, I pondered how much more reliable than my clock radio he is.

Once I managed to move my still sleeping 3 yo over to the other side of the bed and recovered him, I wandered out to see what he was up to as his siblings slumbered.  His door was only slightly ajar so I gently pushed it open to find him playing with duplo blocks and grinning happily at me.  Not only did he have his glasses on but he was also fully dressed.. right down to his hoodie and socks with sandals.  Cute. 😛

He raced over to give me a hug followed by a whispered request for breakfast.  That important decision made he ate it quietly.  Now I’m not really a morning person but how could I not feel exuberant with his efforts?

It was a full 30 mins before Master 3 walked out and announced he was awake… and where was his breakfast?  At least I had time for a shower in peace for a few minutes beforehand.  Mstr 4 had already cleared his bowl and spoon, placing them on the sink without being asked.  😉

My 15yo finally roused by his now animated younger brothers from the depths of his dark dungeon wandered out in his school uniform with a look of  “Don’t talk to me,” clearly painted on his face.  A few seconds to grab some food and he wandered off to school without so much as a “bye mum,”  or even acknowledging his brothers.  They didn’t seem to notice as they zoomed around the dining room table on their toys.  Miss 8 had opted for a night at her dad’s and was most likely on the bus on the way to her school.

After the usual morning kitchen prep, I gathered up bags, lunch boxes and lunches – checking contents were there and rounding them up as well.  Off to the car and a 15 min drive to their family daycare mum.  Master 3 really wasn’t being very co operative… was Master 4 making up for that??

Upon arrival, Mstr 3 disappeared out of the car and into the house whilst Mstr 4 grabbed his bag and slowly wandered in.  The usual greetings and paperwork done, I requested a cuddle from each of them before making the journey home in time for a bit of tidying before my morning appointment.

The first place I went was into Mstr 4’s room…. to find he had pulled up his sheet, patchwork quilt and doona and tucked them in as best he could.  All I could do was smile.

He loves me.

Now how do I teach the other 3 to do the same? 😀


~ by C J on June 9, 2010.

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  1. awwwww!!!!

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