Important things I have learnt this week.

  • You can’t sneeze in your sleep…. but it sure tells mum that you’re staying awake waaaaaay past your agreed curfew time!
  • A 3yo can pose the “why” question infinitely in any given 2 hr period..  any attempts to cease the barrage will be futile.
  • A 4yo anywhere within earshot will back up his younger brother creating a chorus of “whys”… just in case you didn’t hear one of them.
  • 8yo females think they are really 16 and able to make choices and statements with the usual misunderstandings appropriate to the former age.  I really do not envy her class teacher.
  • 10kg of washing powder spreads a loooooong way.
  • A teenager will walk on aforementioned washing powder and not notice a thing… even if you are down on all fours cleaning it up.
  • Mopping the floor after cleaning up said washing powder = frothy bubbly floors… that are extremely slippery in socks.  Thanks for testing that theory Mstr 3 & 4.
  • Who’s turn it is to cook dinner, depends on who is hungry.
  • 15yos don’t argue, they renegotiate… constantly.
  • A birthday is always an excuse to get excited… even if it is 2 months away.  Isn’t that like forever if you’re 4???

~ by C J on June 10, 2010.

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  1. teehee!

  2. Oh, this is GOLD, Carmen!

  3. Classics!

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