Who me?

Any grocery shopping is done in bulk for our family. So we are well known at our local organics store by all the staff due to the fact that I was actually employed there just before my eldest’s cancer diagnosis in Dec 2001. 😉

Today I stopped in to pick up our latest order and found it extremely busy due to the coming long weekend. As the checkout assistant scanned each item in my trolley, she asked if I had a customer club membership.. of course. I reeled off the 9 digit number for her to key in from memory. Checking my details she continued.

“Wow! That’s impressive!” The well dressed lady behind me smiled.
“Well, I had to learn it… I lost the keytag three cars ago,” I sheepishly admitted.
“That’s a few cars,”
“Yes, I had to upgrade with each baby..” I laughed.

Inevitably she asked how many I had… her mouth dropped when I said 4.

“You must be super mum!” she marvelled.
I shrugged feeling rather self conscious.

“They’re all worth it! I just figured I have had someone else’s share,” I winked.

“Well you must have had mine, since I don’t have any. So thanks for that!” We both laughed.

I turned back to checkout. The assistant grinned as she took my card for payment.
“Don’t worry, we won’t tell her that you ARE awesome… since you’re a single mum too.” She whispered loudly enough for the other lady to hear.

As I left and wished them a safe and wonderful weekend, I noticed the woman was still looking at me in amazement.

Me? Awesome?

Ok… ummm thanks. I think. Let’s not ask the kids though ok? 😛


~ by C J on June 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Who me?”

  1. You’re not going to get any arguments from me… of COURSE you are awesome!!!

    • Awww shucks… thanks. Seriously though… let’s not ask the kids’ opinions though. 😛

  2. Yeah – I thought that was obvious? Well, it is to those of us who already know you…..and to strangers, it seems 😉


  3. I guess if I judge it on the awesomeness of my sisterhood, it really isn’t that surprising then. 😉 xxx

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