I have a little habit of mentally noting the things I’m grateful for each day… moreso on those days I’m struggling to see the end of.

Today’s list is sure to grow.. but for now – I am grateful:

  • That all 3 boys will not be teenagers at the same time.  Don’t remind me that the youngest two will be for most of those years though.
  • The invention of the cardboard box and endless hours of entertainment… regardless of the amount of cleaning up afterwards.
  • The rain, even if I was planning to garden.  Must be a baking day instead. 😉
  • Weird friends (as described by my 15yo), if only to keep him guessing. 😛
  • A 3 day week… doesn’t that mean less housework????

~ by C J on June 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “*phew*”

  1. LOL! Hey C… please change your background colour… purple on black is too hard to read!

  2. Better? 😛

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