Sounds of life…

I grew up surrounded by music. Ever since I could remember, my father had reel to reel tape recorders and record players with a varied taste in tunes. Val Doonican, Neil Diamond, Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel to classical were just some of the sounds I recall.

When dad was at work (he used to work for ABC radio out west as a technician) and once cassette tapes were common, my mother would play old country – Jim Reeves and various other crooners.

We always had music in the car as well… for the long trips between the big smoke and our remote towns we lived in. I loved the time to listen and sing along to whatever was on offer.

By the time I was 5, we moved to the North Coast and my Dad started volunteering in community radio stations as an announcer. He did folk and easy listening programs and I remember times sitting in the studios with him or fellow announcers trying to be quiet while swinging on the swivel chairs to amuse myself during the sessions. 🙂

After their separation, the difference in music tastes became more apparent. Mum’s country music collection expanded and my stepfather shared much of that taste but we were then exposed to more Aussie country at concerts, rodeos and such.

Dad’s and my step mother’s collection took up a whole lounge room (records, cassettes, reel to reel tapes and then eventually CDs). I loved spending a Saturday morning seated on the floor of the “play” room with remotes and music, discovering what was new with each visit. Sometimes there were festivals that Dad volunteered at and we were lucky enough to attend. Being immersed in live music was an experience I loved.

Sometimes I even liked their choices…but somewhere along the way, I found my own music tastes.. Life as a teenager was boring without pop, rock and even some heavy metal, much to my parents’ chagrin.

Nights with my older cousins involved Abba records and dressing up… I still think of them every time I hear an Abba song over 25 years later.

I had a walkman by 1981… it was an escape for the long car trips. My siblings and I had our cassette collections in shoeboxes along with rechargeable batteries and our walkmans. It sure saved on disagreements I guess.

Somehow I even learnt to play the guitar and sang in the school choir… (making the grade for eisteddfords which meant hour-long drives to attend!).    It was an expression form I found no equal to.

Breakups and relationships, housework and car trips – all came with music to dance or sing it out.   Who doesn’t remember singing to the mirror with a brush for a microphone? *ok.. not me.. but I do remember my sister doing it….. ;)*

So I guess it’s no surprise that my own children have been exposed to a huge variation in music tastes since their births. Festivals, concerts, CDs, DVDs and now MP3s are just a natural part of our day-to-day life.

The shock IS, I figure, that I have resisted upgrading my car stereo for the last 3 vehicles I’ve owned… until today. The tinny standard speaker system just couldn’t stand up to my and my offsprings’ urge to “turn it up!” :p

But finally I have a car stereo I want to listen to… regardless of the cost, it is already worth it.   My long trips to the hospital and other cities will now be much more enjoyable.  In fact, just the few short trips around town this afternoon have given me a much more relaxed mind tonight.

But I guess the final word belongs to my 4yo… When I told him I was taking the car to have the new system put in, he worriedly asked me if it would be “pretty much louder?”.

Oh yes little man…. much much MUCH louder… but even more, clearer and sweet.

His reply?

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh YEAH!” with appropriate exuberant 4 yo dancing, singing and emphasis of course. 😉

Think I got that one right.

Now what DO I put on a 4GB usb flash drive for tomorrow’s trip? 😀


~ by C J on June 15, 2010.

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  1. Rock’n’roll baby!!!

  2. As my boy said, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, OH YEAH!”

    😉 xxx

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