Are we there yet?

We weren’t even out of the driveway before my 4 yo (ok nearly 5 yo) started.

“No, we’re not even close yet,” I calmly replied whilst reversing.
“Is it much longer?”
“Yes hon, I will tell you when we’re there ok?”
“Ok but is it a long or short time?”
“It’s a longish time mate, we have to drive a long way,” I momentarily pondered just how much of this I could cope with today.

I was grateful for the late start but we were still going to be fairly early I hoped. Enough time to have some lunch and still get to his appointment a few minutes early, fingers crossed.

The hour long drive was interjected with comments from him and I would turn the music down to hear him before he’d ask me to turn it up again. Fun – not. He mentioned things he noticed about other vehicles on the highway, the fact I passed one of my friends’ car (I didn’t even notice.. oops!) and other important facts he just had to tell me NOW.

Once we arrived in the city, he commented on how many cars were beside us and that he’d like me to buy “one of those”. Hmmm a Hummer… not likely little man.

I decided to park at one of our supporting organisations location around a kilometre from the hospital to save on the ticket concern at the parking station. After checking it was ok with the family support officer, I grabbed our requirements for the day (snacks, jumpers, mobile phone, tissues, water bottles and various other sundries – I thought once they were out of nappies my bag would get lighter! Boy was I wrong! ) and headed off on foot.

We were halfway there when he suddenly announced, “My legs are going slower and slower because they are getting tired!”

It’s a fair hill to the hospital but I’m quite used to walking it now… 8 years plus of trekking up and down it means it rarely phases me. I’ve done it pregnant many times (with both of the younger boys) and with children on many of those so it’s just part of the things I need to do now.

“Oh, do you think we should wake them up then?” I cautiously asked him.
“Ummm no… I think they need to sleep, you can carry me!” He grinned at me like he’d just thought of the most amazing solution in the world.

“But I’m carrying all our stuff already…. and it’s not far now,” I pointed to the childrens hospital carpark which is connected to where we needed to go.

“See, there’s the carpark, it’s not far at all!” I was as calm as I could be to encourage him.
“Oh, if the carpark’s there, then I’ll wait here and you can get the car!”

“But the car is parked down there, we’ll walk back and get it when we’re done ok?”
“OK!” He groaned and flopped his shoulders but kept climbing the hill without any enthusiasm.

We arrived in plenty of time to eat and wander in to the waiting room, catch up with a surprise friend who’s son also had an appointment (which meant our two boys met for the first time and played for most of the wait… if not quietly… ).

After seeing 2 of the people he needed and having drops to dilate his pupils (as did his new friend) as well as fitting in a chai latte (you really don’t want to drink the coffee there…. ) he returned to see the registrar and finish his check up.

“Can you hurry up? I need sushi and it’s a long walk back to the car,” I could see the young specialist’s smile.
“Sushi? Do you like sushi?” He asked my boy with a bemused grin.
“Of course!” He retorted, “All this waiting has made me much hungrier too,” I could barely hide my smirk at his boldness.

Finally we were done and ready to leave.

We had to fit in a session at the fun room for half an hour on his insistence..(I thought he was hungry???) before starting the walk back to the car.

We had quite a discussion on how far it was back to the car, if it would still be there (I certainly hope so!) and how much longer the journey home would be (after the stopover for sushi and a babycino of course! ).

And people wonder why I never get bored with our trips and visits???


~ by C J on June 21, 2010.

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  1. Yeah yeah… that’s all good… but… are we there yet? 😀

  2. 😛 Rach! :*

  3. Totally not quiet, but oh so glad that you were there! 🙂
    My fave was when little man mentioned that my young man was yelling more then him! 😀

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