Today I am grateful for….


Really I am.  It makes my life easier, smoother, more connected and gives me time to do what I need.  Doesn’t it?

For example: the mobile phone, mine has not only my contact phone number list of around 3-400 people/organisations that I need more times than not.  It also houses my organiser/calendar – without which, I am unable to recall the 200 odd appointments and tasks set in there for the next 3 months… or even the rest of the year..  It’s also my entertainment when I’m out and waiting for the above mentioned appointments…. or my children’s – depends on the priority at the time I guess. 😉

Yes, I could have an old refidex/phone book  with all the numbers I need… but that would be annoying to carry around (guaranteed to be lost within the first trip or 3 with me… :p).  I could also have all my appointments on my calendar on the wall at home… the main drawback there is that I don’t read it.. nor am I at home at the many times I need to refer to it.  Duh me.

Then there’s the wonder of the world wide web.  Hmmm not sure how I would have met so many great friends and contacts without it.  Might have saved on my phone bill but not necessarily on my emotional one.  Glad I have it… endlessly!!!

So that brings about the fact I love my laptop… oh and my mobile phone so I can check things out online, send emails, check phone numbers and find my way around… whilst waiting…

Digital cameras rock… with their simplicity and speed to use.  Ok… so I like the mobile one.  *snap* picture and instantly upload to the internet photo album for others to see.  There’s a theme here isn’t there?

Yes, I’m a geek… I admit it.

But darn… why don’t they make technology so it can withstand real everyday life? Or just a mobile that can do all of the above as well as mine can AND bounce on concrete would do I think.


~ by C J on June 24, 2010.

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