Remind me why….

I did stocktake on Monday for a local store.. I do it every year. Why? I don’t know… especially when I have to get up so early on a cold Winter morning, park in a not so close carpark and walk around 750m in the aforementioned cold, to arrive by 7:30am. That would be ok IF the store had some form of heat retention… it doesn’t. The building is the old town movie theatre and it’s FREEZING!
So you can almost picture me, jeans, long jumper with hood, gloves, thick socks and shoes… seated on the cold floor with a clipboard and pen trying to write. Fun, NOT with cold hands… *sigh*
The data entry department is very particular about how the items are tallied… no crosses on 7s (finally got me out of that habit after 18 years.. ), no loops on 2s and 8s have to be figure 8s and closed loops.. no Os on Os.. If you make a mistake, even the teeny tiniest one, it’s cross the WHOLE line out and start again. *roll eyes*
Oh.. and it all has to be in order too… ok.. so there are a few little ways I’ve found to get around that…. but ultimately – it’s me writing and my partner for the day, counting. Not sure who I feel has the worst job… although this year, my buddy and I had fun.
Halfway through the morning, we discovered we are both celebrating a milestone birthday next year… not only that, when we worked it out, I’m exactly 6 days older than her. Yay me..
We managed to get through not only the baby section (I swear you’ve never seen baby socks until you’ve had to count basket upon basket of them) but we were then directed over to the menswear area. Ummm thanks for that.. a whole wall of men’s undies.. I think we’ll be dreaming of them for weeks.
Mind you, everytime a label had a picture of a well chiseled male physique wearing only underpants… it made me shiver and feel even colder. Great when there’s over 600 of them.. *shudder*
Master 15 asked me why I do it.. well to be honest – it was so I could buy myself a new pair of cross trainers… right???
Nah not really… but it had him convinced.


~ by C J on July 2, 2010.

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  1. Thanks… I now feel a little colder on the first sunny day I have seen in a while! LOL!

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