Soooooo about that…

Why is it that people all seem to have to voice their opinion if you are a little bit different??
I was browsing in one of the local op shops, just filling in time, when one of the volunteers approached me and exclaimed how much she liked my hair.

“I’d NEVER be game enough to do that though!” She ended with.
Game? Game to do what? Colour it? Cut it?

Seriously, I forget… it’s not until it’s pointed out to me that I remember…. ahhhh yes… but I always stand out I guess. I can’t see it – so it doesn’t worry me.
I could never be accused of being boring.. or quietly fading into the background. More like I make a statement.. rather ummm LOUDLY. That statement is that I’m me… yes, I am a little different but so be it.
Aqua blue hair is actually rather mild I guess considering in the past I’ve been hot pink, cobalt blue and purple. As for the cut – it’s currently rather asymmetrical. No 1 on the right and long and wispy on the left with a diagonal wedge following the line at the back. So why is that surprising? I’m used to no 2 crew cuts with a tiny bit of length on top. I guess it’s a mischievious look…. or maybe that’s just me??
On the street, I’m often miles away in my own little world and I look up to find someone smiling in my direction… it takes me a few seconds to click it’s my looks.
As for my children… they don’t seem to mind. The 15 yo just rolls his eyes at me but he does that to do with
any change in life really.
My 8yo thinks I’m generally cool… even copying the short pixie style hair cuts now. I guess it’s the sincerest form of flattery from my very girly offspring. Even if she does think I need at least one dress in my wardrobe.. and to wear makeup so everyone can see how “pretty” I am.
Hmmm she is not allowed to colour her hair for at least another 8 years though. Her multi toned strawberry blonde hair is often commented on and envied, I hope she appreciates that.

Master 4 doesn’t really notice it… I’m just Mum. Maybe his opinion will change in years to come.. here’s hoping not!
Master 3 asks me why it’s that colour… not that he really seems to want to hear the answer..

So why IS it blue?
Well I went to lighten my hair again to reapply the purple… and apparently when you bleach it, it goes this electric bluey green… and I ran out of time to redo the purple.
Meh.. they say a change is as good as a holiday… and I need one of those. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the smiles, smirks, comments and generally being the centre of attention ok? If my hair is going to make someone happy then I’m all good with that idea!


~ by C J on July 3, 2010.

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  1. Look forward to seeing it in person! 😀

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