You tell me!

It was the early morning drop off run… vacation care and family daycare for the three youngest. After signing my 8yo little miss into the PCYC (which she begs to go to each school holidays!), we headed off towards the daycare mum’s house.

Why is he still here mum?” Master 4 piped up from the middle row referring to his 15yo brother in the back row… who was making a huge deal of the fact he’d been woken up and “dragged” out of the house so early on a holiday morning.

I realise my 4yo was asking why I hadn’t also left his older brother at vacation care (well technically it’s because he is over the maximum age for “daycare”…) but the question suddenly had me stumped.

Why IS he still here?

After a cancer diagnosis 8 years ago, I was informed quite gently that he had an incredibly slim chance of survival. I had defied medical recommendations for his treatment and shunned conventional methods… but here he was, 5 years in remission and still going. Still here. With us.

“You know hon, I’ve wondered that myself many times,” I answered with a wry grin in the rear vision mirror to my bespectacled little man.

The teen rolled his eyes and slumped further into the rear seat so I couldn’t see his face.

“So why is he?” Master 3 queried innocently.

“Hmmm, just lucky I guess,”

What else could I say?


~ by C J on July 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “You tell me!”

  1. Mmmm… and perhaps quite a bit of dertermination and tenacity from Mum and teenager?

  2. I could never take all the credit for that. 😉

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