Things to make you mushy.

It’s been a very emotionally trying week here with much travelling, guests and a total shake up of the children’s routine and we’ve all felt it.
Somehow in the midst of all this my 3yo has now decided that his bed (in the room he shares with his 4yo brother) is where he wants to sleep instead of mine. The bed has been used by him sporadically since I set it up for him late last year, he just never took to it for an extended period of time!
So now the last few mornings have involved two wide awake boys and some loud disagreements at cold and somewhat inconceivable times of the early morning. On one hand, it’s not the most pleasant way to wake up but on the other, I certainly don’t need an alarm clock!
There are always surprises however, yesterday morning I woke to the loud whisper of Master 4 directing Master 3 as to how to make his bed…. just like he was doing. Master 3 responded indicating he was struggling with some of those instructions, so Master 4 replied, “That’s ok, I’ll help you!”
And yes, both beds were “made” by the time I was up to get breakfast sorted minutes later.


~ by C J on July 10, 2010.

7 Responses to “Things to make you mushy.”

  1. That is awesome! 🙂 Can your young men teach my young men??

  2. Holey doolies! You need to send them kids down here to my lot! lol Beds are not made unless Mummy Ogre is on their case!

  3. And I still want them cups!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… and very appropriate use of smilies! 😀

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