I’m not ready!

It’s official… Master 4 is attending prep next year…

So that means on top of all the enrolment paperwork, specialists’ reports, referrals and bus pass applications, I will need to buy him a uniform.   I was hoping Miss 8 would have some to pass down to him.. but that isn’t going to happen. She’s currently in a size 10 polo shirt and I doubt she’ll part with any shorts she has.
Master 4 is currently a size 3 or 4 shirt size… and similar in shorts. Big sister’s cast offs are just not going to cut it. I just can’t seem to get my head around the thought of a size 4 school uniform polo shirt! It sounds so small.. I was pondering what size I actually bought Miss 8 when she started and I’m pretty sure she was a size 6 then. So in 4 years she’s grown at least a little! 😉
Then I recalled that she started in yr 1… not prep. There was preschool before yr 1.. and they didn’t need a uniform for that – which was just as well since she attended 2 each week. Why was she going to 2 preschools? Because she harrassed me until I agreed to send her to the second one when she discovered she would only attend 3 days a week… So she ended doing a full week and loving it.
Prep is 5 days a week and technically, my little man will only be 4 months younger when he starts than his sister was in yr 1… scary!
So note to self, keep an eye out for the next few months for uniform shirts, shorts, track pants and school jumpers and socks in miniature sizing. *sigh*
If you ask the man himself what he is most looking forward to at big school next year, his reply is quite clear and always accompanied by a huge cheeky grin.
“Vacation care!” 


~ by C J on July 18, 2010.

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  1. Noooo waaayyyyy!!! He isn’t big enough!!! And LOL @ the answer with grin…

    If the uniform involves grey shorts I have will have some for you… I also have size 4 long pants… let me know!

  2. Mmmm… heavy usage of the word ‘have’… I am sure you can work out what I mean! 😉

    • Thanks for the offer Rach… it’s royal blue here for shorts, track pants and jumpers. Light blue polo with royal blue collar. White socks and black or white sneakers. 😉

  3. Hey! When Apryll first started Prep she was in the same boat, although being the first intake of Prep the school didn’t have smaller sizes. So she swam in a Sz6 shirt and I just got Navy skorts from Big W that went down to a Sz4. Now the school has down to Sz 4 in uniforms which made it a lot easier for when Ailis started last year. I have Asher in Prep next year and I too will be hunting around for Sz4 stuff for him…unfortunately thought I don’t think he’ll approve of where the girls sz4 skorts! lol

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