If you know better…

You do better.. right?
Well apparently I now know better. Says my 15 yo. Not sure I was listening at time but let’s not tell him that ok? Just as well I don’t take these things to heart…

It seems I’m “failing” as a parent in his eyes. Interesting – I’m still wondering when the classes were and what DID I do with the text books, study time and.. oh.. when were the exams on?? I’d have remembered those – never liked them, so always remember them well.  Oops!

So what pray tell am I particularly not achieving even a satisfactory mark in? Well, lots… I never buy what HE wants to eat… and definitely never enough quantity of anything anyhow. Funny how the rest of the family has plenty to eat and yet the teenager’s portion of the grocery bill is considerably more than his two younger siblings put together…

He can never find his socks… so therefore – logic tells him I’m losing them on him. Ha! Perhaps a quick scour of his dungeon bedroom floor (with face mask and breathing apparatus of course!) would uncover the other 20 odd pairs around.

The other issue is a missing school jumper. He has no idea where it went to… since he only had it last year. Trouble is, they are $58 each to replace and it’s not like I’m willing to buy him another each time he “can’t find it”. So I’m too tough on him. Yay me.

So I’m wondering if I can redeem myself through my younger children… (or perhaps they will just learn enough living in the same space as their older brother, to know not to bother with it themselves in time?? One can live in hope!)….

I’m starting with a birthday party.. Eeek!

You see, my achildren don’t have birthday parties.. not the “mum organised, cake and lolly laden fun times in the backyard or park”… does that mean I’ve failed given I have had 15 years of pretty much avoiding them?? Not that my teenage son ever complained – he didn’t like them, typical ASD trait I suppose.

My daughter is somewhat less forgiving… unless I show her that out of all of them, she’s had the most “birthday get togethers”…

Guess all my shortcomings will show up at once.. I’ve never been a “cake” person. I’ll do the dips, the sushi, the club sandwiches, organise entertainment and perhaps a small treat or two… perhaps that will pass muster???

So it’s a party for Master 4 (soon to be 5!).. it’s still in the planning process.. but it’s looking big. Really big. Uh oh.. now I’ll be setting a precedent for others.. help! *sigh*


~ by C J on July 22, 2010.

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