What was that??

Sometimes the things my children say make me do a double take… wondering where did THAT come from?
Mostly they are humorous… to a degree. Once the child involved realises how funny the response was, it is even funnier!

The classics this week have been:

1. Master 15 has a distinctive sign of a moustache showing on his top lip… his younger sister (8) and I were referring to it in a conversation whilst he was pretending he wasn’t trying to listen.

“Oh… is it real hair??? I thought it was just smudged pen or something!”

2. Master 3 was sitting at the table eating an apple when I asked him to bring me a towel from nearby. Without looking up from the fruit in his hand he replied, “Well I would… but I’m eating by the way…”

Lovely to know how supportive my precious little ones are!!

3. Dropping the younger boys off at kindy this morning, I requested my usual cuddles and kisses before I left. Master 3 ran at me like he hadn’t seen me in like forever and swung around using his hand on my leg before he thudded into my other side. Without missing a beat he kissed where he whacked and took off again.
I again called to my 4yo, who was engrossed in walking along a line of blocks in the playground. He stood up.. held his head up so he could see me from under the rim of his glasses and loudly questioned, “WHY???”
Oh it’s great to know how much they miss me!!


~ by C J on July 29, 2010.

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  1. Mmmm… indeed. Out of the mouths of babes… 🙂

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