Those vampires have a LOT to answer for…..

My 8yo daughter is headstrong, stubborn and knows what she wants… I have no idea where she inherited those traits from…

“Muuum!” I briefly looked up from the activity I was doing to find her standing beside me, eager for my complete attention.
“When can I dye my hair black?” I really hadn’t expected that one so was a tad taken aback at it.
“Sixteen,” I counteracted, catching myself, hopefully in time.
“Awwwwwww!!” she whined. “I want to do it now!”
Thankfully I was saved a stamping foot to go with it.

Calmly I tried to explain the risks of the chemicals in hair dyes and bleaches, along with other things she’d need to take into consideration if she honestly wanted her often commented on, strawberry gold locks to turn blue black..

She wasn’t having any of it. *sigh*
I finally convinced her to get ready for her appointment and organised myself to get out to the car and held the door for her. I was a tad stunned to see her walk out in black tights with holes, black torn off denim shorts with diamontes on the back pockets, a dark coloured singlet top covered by a black cotton shrug and black and pink floral high top shoes.

I tried all afternoon not to react… but I was seriously wondering.

A week later, we had to attend her oral health appointments at the Childrens Hospital. The orthodontist checked out the brace he’d made for her late last year to anchor her top adult molar as the bottom one had deteriorated. He finally seemed happy that all was ok and allowed her up off the chair.

I calmly questioned if she would need the orthodontics replaced at all before her wisdom teeth showed up and he informed me that her mouth was unlikely to grow any wider at this stage so it should be fine.
“Great, I guess she can book in for the fang implants anytime now then?” Funny how she couldn’t leave the room fast enough…


~ by C J on August 16, 2010.

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