Uh oh… my cover’s blown..

Evidence 1:
“My brother goes to BIG school next year coz he’s all growing up hey?” Master 3 was grappling with the concept of still being at kindy as my 5yo starts prep.
“Yes hon, he certainly is,” I tried to smile at him.
“Oh… and then the next year I’ll be all growed up and go to big school too!!” I nodded at him trying not to think too hard on that one… my baby? Going to school? Eep…
“Wow mum! Then you can too can grow up and go to school after us!”

Evidence 2:
“Why does Mum get to say who’s being good and say what the rules are?” My 5yo crossed his arms defiantly and pouted.
“Coz she’s the growed up apparently,” was the response from his little brother..


~ by C J on September 8, 2010.

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