Where did my responsibility go?

I’m an adult… I’m supposed to be in control right?? Or at least able to convince others that I am… I have 4 children and have been a mother for 15.5 years. I should have it all sorted by now. SHOULD… *sigh*
Those who’ve known me for years will probably be chuckling right about now at the thought. Yeah… who’d have thunk it… me growing up. Okay… so maybe I have… maybe… just.. a…teeny… little…bit? Convinced yet?
Of course I have. I’ve nursed a child through cancer… I can balance a budget (MY way.. ), I can drive a car.. heck I even own a car and maintain it. Yep and I even manage to provide for my kids and remember to feed them more than every second day… really I do.
So why do I get rolled eyes and guffaws of laughter from others on a daily basis? Huh?
Is it the blue/green/purple hair?
Is it my car stereo that is loud enough to drown out any whinging child… and liven up the entire neighbourhood?
Is it my new tattoo?
Is it that I want to wear my purple docs to a formal fundraising ball?
My many roller derby friends?
Or maybe the fact I’m actually booting up to join in….. hmmmm?
Nah.. I figure it’s that my 15 yo has suddenly decided that he’s the mature one in the family….
“Mum! Turn the light off in the hallway and stop skating around the house – you’ll wake the boys up,” as he ambles off to bed…. *sigh*


~ by C J on October 5, 2010.

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  1. Chuckling away here…. love it!

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