Run that by me again?

“Oh WHAT?” I heard my 8 yo yell from the loungeroom with a severe tinge of sarcasm.

“You gotta be kidding mum… a cheese making workshop?” it suddenly dawned on me I’d obviously left the laptop open on the webpage I’d been researching information on. *sigh*
“I think it would be interesting,” I tried to call back calmly… from the loud whine I heard in reply, I figured I’d failed.
“Why do you have to make EVERYTHING??” She countered.
“You make our bread, our butter, our rice milk…. you know, EVERYTHING! I want packaged food!” I envisaged her throwing herself onto the couch ungracefully in protest to match the sounds coming from out there.

I enjoy cooking… it’s simplifed our life dramatically since our Thermomix arrived over 15 months ago. It’s easy to make so much of what one would normally just buy from the supermarket. It doesn’t take long, it saves dollars and I know what we are eating (MOST of the time). So it’s not a choice I make lightly….

Miss 8 is often the most vocal on the distinct lack of prepackaged food entering our house… in an attempt to fit in with her peers at school I guess…. so imagine my surprise when, after a couple of crazy weeks in our household and lack of actual time to make some of our staples, she called out to me whilst making her lunch for the day, “MUM! Did you make any breadrolls?”
“Not yet hon but I did buy a loaf of bread,” I replied
“Yuck… I want your breadrolls,”

Just can’t win can I?


~ by C J on October 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Run that by me again?”

  1. Maybe a week in your in your house with a TMX might sway me. So far I can’t see it working for me.

  2. CJ I Love this one!!! I can so see this playing out. Classic!

  3. Priceless! That had me literally LOL!

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