It just defies logic really…

The multicultural festival in the big smoke was looming and Master 15 was keen to attend. He knew I’d be there… even if it meant missing training. Oops.
He whined, he cajoled, he demanded, he sulked. None worked as he was staying with a friend for the weekend as I also had a ball to attend on the Friday night. He sent text messages all through the ball night asking if he could go. I ignored him although I was seriously trying to find a way for it to work for us.
Finally, after discussions with friends, I decided to give him an opportunity to meet us there for the afternoon… even if it meant he was to travel down to the Parklands by train. On his own.
A good two hour journey but as I would be there, I figured it was time to cut at least one of the apron strings…..
As I was parking the car north of the agreed meeting point and heading back on a train as well, it should be ok… but I was late… go figure. 

Whilst sitting on the train I received this text:
“Where are you?” – Mstr 15
“On the train will be there in 10” – me
“Be where?” – Mster 15
“At the Parklands exit from the station – look for signs” – me
“There are none” – Master 15
“Hurry up already” – Master 15
“What do you want me to do? Get out and push?” – me
“Oh.. s’ok walked up a few carriages… we’ll get there sooner now” – me

When the train arrived on the platform, I alighted to find my son waiting two platforms away with a rather unimpressed look on his face. *sigh*

Yay for independence.


~ by C J on October 19, 2010.

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