10 Things you can do on roller skates at home.

1. The washing up. Whilst standing in the T stop stance… looks highly unbalanced… and is. Good thing there’s a kitchen cupboard/sink to steady you.

2. Cook a meal. Rolling back and forwards from the sink/stove/fridge etc helps with tight turns.. Not sure how that will equate with pack drills.. meh.

3. Practise T-stops, plough stops and knee slides in the hallway whilst waiting for the washing machine to finish so you can hang out the washing. On skates. Yes.

4. Reach all the stuff on the top of the fridge. Amazing what that extra bit of height does for you… well when you’re 5 foot nothing anyway.

5. Clean up the floor. Swooping down while rolling to pick up toys, clothing and anything else left lying around helps with change of balance. Sweeping and vacuuming provide something to steady yourself with if required!

6. Give the postman something to think about all day… when you tiptoe out to the mailbox on your toe stops to retrieve the mail and he catches you..

7. Amuse any unexpected tradies who happen to turn up without phoning first. Removing your helmet does make it look less imposing though.

8. Dust the upper shelf of the bookshelf – if that sort of thing takes your fancy. It rarely takes mine… so I’m shocked I even thought of it!

9. Give your older children another reason to roll their eyes at you. Often.

10. Catch a naked 3 yo who is faster than the speed of sound when he is required to be dressed!


~ by C J on November 2, 2010.

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  1. Teehee!!

  2. Why????

  3. hahahaha C i love it!!

  4. YEAH baby!!! πŸ™‚ Housework has never been so much fun πŸ™‚

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