That proverbial village…

I live in an amazing community. A community who have reached into their hearts as well as their pockets over the time since my eldest son’s cancer diagnosis nearly 9 years ago. 0

The journey we found ourselves on from the first time I heard a doctor say the word “tumour” in reference to my child until today has been one of many ups and downs. Nothing prepares you for the news that your child has a miniscule chance of long term survival… and I honestly hope that others never find themselves there… ever.

Somewhere along that path though, our faith in humanity has been proven time and time again. Through fundraisers by friends, performers offering their talents and time, selfless giving, both financial and energywise as well as the shoulders we’ve had to cry on… they amassed a staggering amount of money to help fund alternative therapies to assist in giving my son quality of life. He’s had an awesome life to date. Something that is never going to be taken for granted here.

Our trust fund manager reminded me the other day that it was time to disperse the remaining funds left in the account. I had almost forgotten that when we set up the account, I added a clause stating that in the event of his passing OR passing 5 yrs in remission all remaining finances would be passed on to childhood cancer charities. Now I just had to work out which ones…..

Over the years we’ve had assistance from many different organisations.. the list is probably very very long. And I don’t remember them all.. I wish I did. My gratitude extends to ALL of them.

There are 4 of those organisations who have gone above and beyond though… without them and their help, I have no idea where we and countless other families would be today. I know my bank balance status would be much much worse for starters… let alone my emotional one.

So the remaining money will be distributed between those charities in support of all they’ve done for us. It seems so small a donation in the grand scheme of things… but perhaps not if it helps at least one family along their journey.  Just paying it forward as much as we are able. 0

I’m sure glad this is the village I found myself and my children a part of…. we are eternally blessed.


~ by C J on November 27, 2010.

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