Thanks for pointing that out…

Miss 8 has taken it upon herself to educate Master 5 on all the details he’ll ever need to know about going to “big” school. 0

Amongst the usual information regarding uniforms, lunch breaks, teachers and schoolwork, she’s even taken to filling him in on after school care to boot. 0 You can’t be too careful now can you?  I mean information overload just does NOT compute in the 8 year old mind… or so I’ve noticed. 0

This morning was no different.

Miss 8 to Master 5, “Remember I told you about swimming at after school care?”

Master 5 intently, “Yes?”

Miss 8, “Well we can’t swim there anymore,”

Master 5, “WHY?”

Miss 8, “Coz the pool was too old and now it’s full of concrete!”

Master 5, “What’s concrete?” 0

Yay… I think his education has begun. 0


~ by C J on December 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thanks for pointing that out…”

  1. What do you mean it has STARTED? It started a looooooooooong time ago with YOU! 😀

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