It’s just another visit…

Master 3 needed an impromptu GP appointment…. it was late afternoon and the surgery would be closing within the hour.  And to top it off, his wonderful doctor was unavailable.  Nevertheless we forged on.

Somehow I managed to get him dressed and in the car on time… and even at the surgery a couple of minutes early!  I was only slightly anxious knowing he wouldn’t be seeing our usual care provider but happily accepting that we’d be seeing another equally caring practitioner. I only wondered for a split second as to how my very inquisitive little man would deal with the change. 

After a short wait, the female doctor came down the hallway and called him by his first name.  Alert as always, he questioned why she’d not used his surname as his doctor would.  I smiled and grabbed his hand and made our way down the hallway.  He stopped, out of habit and rather predictably, in front of  his usual doctor’s room.  After a quick explanation that he wasn’t available, Master 3 wandered somewhat bewildered, towards  the back rooms as I directed.

A quick rundown on my concerns with my precious child and the GP pulled out her stethoscope and light and proceeded to check the usual suspects; ears, nose, mouth and chest.  My little 3 year old sat calmly as she went through the assessment, moving cooperatively as required (whilst I secretly wished he was like this at home!) and often looked sideways at me with a cheeky grin.

His compliance impressed the doctor and she enthusiastically told him so.  I guess 3 + years of similar checks each few months does help… but I hardly expected her to realise that fact, without consulting the (possibly) extensive file for him or my other children.  Her parting words were that she would tell our usual GP how wonderfully  patient and agreeable my littlest man was.  

A grin from the patient, he calmly asked if he could leave now and promptly opened the door when told he could.  We both wandered to reception desk holding hands.

Halfway down the hallway, he stopped and turned to me,

“Who WAS that Mum?” 


~ by C J on December 29, 2010.

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  1. Just gorgeous! He’s growing up!

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