What have I got myself in for?

“Mum, what are your New Year resolutions?”

My just-turned-nine year old little miss questioned whilst fiddling with something on my desk.

“Ummmm I haven’t made any,” I openly admitted.
“Why not?” She was persistent… I’d give her that. Now WHERE did that talent come from?

“Well I’m not really into making them…. coz I tend to forget them pretty quickly,” her left eyebrow was raised, I could tell she wasn’t buying it. *sigh*

“What were you thinking hon?” I figured it was easier to ask than not.
“Maybe I could say I’ll try outdoor skating every week?” her eyes rolled at me.

Hmmm I guess maybe not.
“Errrm… I’ll take all of you with me when I go?” nope… the expression clearly signified she wasn’t impressed.

“Ok… I’ll cook more often?”

“Annoy you to clean your room every week?”
“I know… clean my desk every week.”
*Big breath*
“Ok.. you tell me,” I had given up.
Without looking up from her hands she shrugged her shoulders.
“I dunno… maybe something like a normal mum does,”
It was my turn to be puzzled.
“Normal mum? What do they do?”
“You know… the ones who look after their kids ALL the time… and wash up every night,”

Maybe I could……….. on skates….


~ by C J on January 3, 2011.

6 Responses to “What have I got myself in for?”

  1. …it could have been worse, she could have said “buy more shoes and complain about their weight”.

  2. Pfft, having a “normal mum” is over-rated!

  3. Ha ha – sounds like me! Actually, mine would probably say, “Spend less time on the computer!” :p

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