16 memories….

1. Birthing a tiny but cute little boy (6lb 5oz in the old scale) with a full head of hair and iris’ blacker than black…. and a look of “uh oh… what AM I in for now?” We had NO idea….
2. At 10 months, his first word was “juice”… not “Mum” (thanks son).. obviously I did a great job as a mother – he never actually had to call me..
3. A cheeky grin peeking over the edge of the swimming pool at lessons at 12 mths…. after he insisted he could do them on his own. Independant much? He hasn’t changed…
4. Sitting on the lounge with my then 18mth old and asking him what sound each of the various animals in the book made.
“Cow?” me.
“Duck?” me again,
“Quack quack!”
Hmmm best cut down on how many times he watches Babe I figured….
5. Closer to his 2nd birthday, he randomly asked me about his “eye browns”. I gently corrected him that they were actually eyebrows… only to have him tell me they are brown…. he proceeded to point to his very long and dark eyelashes and inform me that they were “eye brushes”. Sorry lad, I obviously had it all wrong!
6. His first day at Montessori in Cycle 1… I wanted to come in and spend a few hours with him in the morning – only to have him push me out of the gate, insisting that only “little” people were allowed in. I’m sure today he’d realise I am little..
7. Shopping was always entertaining. On one occasion I placed 3 different flavours of powdered drink in the trolley where he was sitting.
“What’s this one mum?” he held up a sachet.
“Lemon,” I countered as I continued with my quest..
“Lemon,” he repeated.
“This one?” a second sachet appeared as the first disappeared.
“Orange,” he followed flipping the packet over.
“What’s this one?” the last item was held aloft.
“No it’s not… it’s purple current!” his indignant response met with quite a few sniggers from fellow shoppers.
On another trip, I was blissfully engrossed until a passing fellow customer stopped me and said they were loving my little boy’s singing skills… I immediately listened to realise he was singing at the top of his lungs and rather precisely, Offspring’s “Why don’t you get a job”… yay for a new career path at age 3.
8. During a quiet drive out west, he calmly asked me what a culvert was…. racking my brain I responded that it was a dip in the side of the road I believed.
“Why do you ask?” I quizzed.
“Hmmm it was on that sign back there,” he pointed out the window with his head…..
Ummm since when did my 3 and a half year old read? Let alone whilst I was doing 80 km/hr.. *gulp*
9. One Friday he reminded me he earned a treat. His memory was correct…he had. Since we were already in a shopping centre, he asked if he could pick his treat.
He rarely changed his choice… a small chocolate egg…. so I figured there wasn’t any harm in letting him choose.
“I want an earring,” he was standing squarely with his arms folded.
An earring???? Seriously?? He wasn’t quite 4 yet!!
“Earrings are for big boys,” I tried to respond.
“I am a big boy… I go to the toilet now,” he hadn’t moved.
“It hurts..” I was grasping at straws… and he knew it. *sigh*
“I’m not scared mum,”
He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards a store that advertised piercing. Catching one of the staff’s eye, I tried to explain the situation and requested she attempt to talk him out of it..
Crouching down, she looked him in the eye and informed him she’d need to use something sharp to push the hole through his lobe.
“Are you a wuss lady?” he frowned.
He had us both beat….
Defeated, I relented… he watched intently as the piece of jewellery was positioned in his ear… without a flinch.
“Can I have two?”
10. My tiny 6 yo on an ambulance stretcher in the rear of the emergency vehicle as we journeyed towards the big smoke and the start of a journey I never thought I’d have to travel. Hearing the medic trying to amuse my critically ill child with blown up glove puppets and anything else he had handy.
Once we arrived at the Children’s hospital and he was being wheeled out, my boy yawned… and asked if he could have a TV next time…
11. After numerous surgeries, procedures, four weeks and the knowledge there was very little else that could be done for my son, driving home with a nearly 2 wk old baby as well…. he asked casually why he couldn’t have leukaemia….”like everyone else,” Guess when your own cancer accounts for less than 1 % of all childhood cancers… it would make you wonder.
12. Waiting in the local hospital ER whilst my unconscious 9 yo was hooked up to an IV drip and his 2nd nebule of ventolin within half an hour.
The consultant paed arrived… tall dark with cornrow braids and leather sandals…and nice view from my perspective as he bent over and proceeded to check my unresponsive child’s vital statistics…
Placing his stethescope in his ears, he gently lifted my son’s shirt exposing the healed but keloid, angry scar that swamped his tiny stomach, looking like he’d effectively been cut in half. He caught his breath before asking a little warily, “What happened there?”
He swung around to meet my gaze…. as the patient suddenly opened his mouth and dryly replied, “I dunno… I was asleep….”
The doctor rolled his eyes and held up his hands with a smirk… “Well I guess I’ve got to pay that one,” he laughed.
13. Awaiting surgery to repair a hernia at age 13, my very cocky son informed the admitting nurse that he would be going straight to “his room” to watch TV. Slightly ruffled at his confidence, she said it may not be possible.. but he insisted she ring the ward and check.
Sure enough he was cleared to make himself at home and settle in…. before he was finally taken to theatre just before 4pm!
14. Off to his first Canteen camp at 14, he packed his own bag. He returned to inform me he’d only taken one pair of undies and a couple of t shirts! Go son….

15. Walking home in the rain from a meeting with his mentor and employment officer, he rang me on the mobile phone to ask if I could afford to send him to Tafe for the year to study for an Interactive and 3D Gaming Diploma for 18 months. I informed him that anything was possible. He let out a yell at the realisation he could actually achieve his goal. Who am I to hold him back?
16. Cooking his own birthday cake today whilst chatting with his sister… only a little disappointed he couldn’t get to Wet’n’wild for celebrations due to the severe weather and extensive flooding. Content to be home and safe with those he loved – even though I haven’t managed to get him a birthday present yet.
“S’ok mum, I forgive you… just don’t let it happen again!” with a cheeky grin.
If you’ve made it this far…. congratulations! I’m eternally surprised and grateful that we have too.


~ by C J on January 10, 2011.

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  1. Happy birthday to Mr 16!

    And happy birthing day to his lovely Mama ❤

  2. I did 🙂 Well done you! xx

  3. hey c i just cried my eyes out at this one. So much for someone so young. Such a lovely job u have done with mr c. I really enjoyed spending the 4 days there with u all.

  4. Lovely C 😉 and belated slaps for mr c’s birthday.

  5. just gorgeous and what a character! belated happy birthday!!

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