10 things I never thought I’d say to my children…

1. No hon, you can’t shower with your skates on. You’ll wreck your bearings.

2. Please stop poking holes in your sister’s fishnets, particularly whilst she’s wearing them.

3. Leave your face mask on!

4. Pot plants are not for peeing in or on.

5. I’d love to hear you play “Highway to Hell” on your ukelele…

6. Please don’t stick your brother’s glasses up your left nostril.

7. No honey, “Well behaved Roller Girls rarely make history” is not an appropriate sticker for your primary school dictionary.

8.  The dog’s tail is not an alternative form of leash.

9. Poking is not ok unless it’s on Facebook.

10. Padding up in your skate safety gear before removing your brother’s toy/book/car/etc is not a defensive move!


~ by C J on January 24, 2011.

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