10 things to amuse yourself whilst quarantined…

1. If you’ve been lax… back up the computer… yep… all of it!

2. Practise ordering groceries online… just make sure you have space to fit it all when it arrives!

3. Organise all appointments for phone contact if possible with regular retelling of the reasons why it’s required of course!

4. Drag out the N64 and all controllers… amuse yourself (and three others!) playing Diddy Kong Racing, Tetrisphere, Mario Kart and any other 4 player games… make sure you play to win.

5. Plan late night excursions, complete with beanies and dark clothing to the local basketball courts for a skate!

6. Perfect any breadmaking skills… you have plenty of time, you may as well use it!

7. Family crossword puzzle solving sessions tax the brain.

8. Allow your teenage son to play his ukelele like he’s a wandering minstrel… make sure his repertoire contains more than four musical pieces though.

9. Turn the hallway/lounge/dining room into a rollerdome for the children’s exercise.

10. If you have the downloads, find You Tube videos of those old tv shows you used to watch as a kid and introduce them to the offspring. The resulting conversations will keep you busy for hours!


~ by C J on January 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “10 things to amuse yourself whilst quarantined…”

  1. Classic! Well, that answers my question as to how the patients (and ‘im’patient) are going! xxx

    • Other than already being slightly crazy I guess you mean… stay posted for the next week’s list… I’m sure it will only get worse!! 😉 x

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