Little fish – Big pond.

Master 5 finally started prep this week… most of his uniform had been bought, washed and ready for his big day weeks in advance. Only quarantine had other ideas!

As you may have read in my earlier posts, we’ve been isolated due to a Whooping Cough outbreak which he, Miss 9 and Mr 3 had contracted.  However, by Thursday (and consequently 4 days after the term had started) he was finally cleared to attend. I, unfortunately have another few weeks due to an incompatibility issue with the prescribed antibiotics… well, I DO have to be awkward at times.

Dressed in his brand new school uniform (size 4 which completely swamps him… but on the plus side, he’ll have time to grow into – hey it works for me!), he arrived with his dad, big sister and little brother in tow to meet one of his new teachers for the year.

From all reports he settled in well, made a new friend (do I tell him I’ve known his buddy’s mum for years??) and enjoyed being a “big kid”.

And no… he didn’t miss me at all… so he proudly tells me. So either I’ve been a wonderful mum preparing him to be independent or the opposite…
Friday morning when I awoke, I heard him playing quietly and asked him if he was ready for school yet.
“Why?” was the calm but curious response.
“Because you need to go to school today,”
“Oh… AGAIN?”
This took me straight back to his older sister’s first day (5 years ago! ). On her arrival home she announced she’d been for her one day and asked what was she doing the following day…
After her confusion at finding she would be returning on Tuesday, she informed me we had only ever said it was one day! It took a while to realise, after years of tagging along to take her two elder brothers to school, as well as her constant asking as to when she would go, our standard response was “one day”!

Oops! Fingers crossed I perfect it by the time my 3yo starts next year… he’s my last chance to get it right!


~ by C J on January 29, 2011.

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