Do I have to?

Tomorrow is a big day… in fact, it’s one of the bigger days for appointments anyway… it’s just going to be bigger again. And I’m worried. Why? It’s true I’ve done this trip many times. Over many years now. Just this one is just a little different.

How so?

1. It involves taking the two least cooperative of my children to the Childrens hospital, the eldest and youngest… effectively meaning you are enduring a whole day of torture whilst attempting to keep them in tow.

2. There are five appointments to attend within the space of five hours, two for the three year old, three for the 16 year old. Both children will be inquisitive and animated during each of these… not forgetting at least four toilet stops between appointment times for the three year old.

3. Those appointments are spread over two floors and two different buildings of which the three year old will want to check out each and every set of public restrooms along the way.

4. Both children are required to fast for three hours and six hours respectively. Neither will be very happy about it and will whinge endlessly that they are hungry. They will also be short tempered due to being hungry!

5. They will need to eat AFTER each of their first appointments. They will not care if there is a no eating zone where they are currently stationed however!

6. It’s at least an hour and a half drive each way in peak hour traffic. Plus finding parking! Of course, with aforementioned irritated children this is quite a challenge to navigate!

7. There are three separate sets of forms to be filled out by two separate specialists. You just need to remember which ones, where and of course WHEN!

8. An argumentative teenager with Aspergers Syndrome is quite a stumbling block on a tiring day. Particularly when he’s taller than you.

9. Nothing will go to plan, appointments will be later and therefore others will be set back as well.

10. I am not going.

No. Not this time. I am still in quarantine until Friday (chewing my nails to get out!).
There is no way I will set foot in an oncology ward whilst deemed infectious… let alone a children’s one.

So one of my closest friends has offered to do the day in my place. Why? Because it would send our schedule completely out of whack for the whole year if I cancel. Reorganising and booking would possibly send the hospital staff into meltdown trying to fit in to my narrow window of available dates.

Plus since my eldest needs these checks moreso than his siblings who are just being monitored due to the hereditary component of his incredibly rare condition (he’s talented in sticking to the less known sydromes really. ), his checks are more important at these regular intervals. *sigh*

So I am concerned. My friend has been to the hospital once. She’s not used to the obstacle course I’ve dragged my children around for the past 10 years. I’ve got it down pat now. I can leave home at 7am and usually make it home by 7pm. I don’t expect she’ll be too far outside that… for her sake at least.

She is capable. I trust her. Honestly I do.

Maybe this is a lesson in letting go for me?

Whatever it is, I’ll be looking out for her on the return journey sometime before midnight. Let’s hope she’s still in one piece!


~ by C J on February 8, 2011.

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  1. What a wonderful friend! You must feel so blessed to have her in your life – and I’m sure she must feel the same way.


  2. Oooh, good luck C’s friend!!!!

  3. xxx 😉

  4. How did it all go? Sorry it is such a long time since reading.

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