Coz I can.

Strapped into his car seat for the short nighttime drive home, Master three was extremely talkative.
“When I growed up, I’m going to buy a SKATEBOARD!” he enthused.

I smirked to myself. His father was a skateboarder back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, his exploits were a regular topic of conversation when we spent time with his mother. He’d broken more bones than I thought the human body contained… and all before he was 16. Somehow his youngest son had followed in his fearless footsteps.

“Really?” I was still smiling.
“Yes and I’m also going to have a baby,” he added.
“Oh?”. I was intrigued now.
“Yes and I’ll skateboard over to YOUR house with my baby in a carrier on my back so you can see him,”
He seemed very sure of himself.

Again I grinned. All those years of babywearing had obviously made an indelible impression on him.
I love the feel of my babies pressed up against me as I go about my day. They’d sleep, chat, watch, feed, cuddle and settle easily. Each of them were carried in a similar way, even when I knew of no one else who wore their babes. Somehow they all still learnt to walk, talk and be independent.

At seven months pregnant with my youngest, I found myself waiting in a queue with his (now five year old) brother in a soft structured carrier on my back. At 17 months of age, my elder son was still not walking and wearing him was the easiest way to get around. He was quiet, happy and calm.

At one point the woman directly behind me leant forward and loudly asked if he was, perhaps a little too old for being carried.
I hesitated to respond. Her statement (rather than a question) seemed overly intrusive and judgemental and I found it difficult not to take offence. Finally I slowly turned so she could see my rather large stomach and calmly asked if I could have her mobile phone number as pleasantly as I could.

She looked stunned and asked why.

“Well I figured I might like to give you a call anytime I need to make a decision with any of my four children,” I interjected using the same blunt tone she’d started the conversation with.

Funnily enough, she didn’t seem keen.


~ by C J on March 3, 2011.

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