Try again!

Miss 9 and Master 5 were up and getting ready for school. I could hear them fussing over breakfast and preparing lunchboxes, no different to any other morning. Master 3 was sound asleep in bed.

However, outside it was raining. Heavy.

The children needed to be at the bus stop (around 300m away) by 7:25am and it was 7:15am. As I walked out to the dining room I looked at my daughter and told her I needed them to wait as it was wet and there is no cover at the bus stop. I intended to either, a) send them up to the next bus (stop 50m further down the road and covered) as it left at 8:00am if the rain stopped or b) drive them to school when their baby brother awoke.

I made my way to the bathroom for my morning shower.
Once I finished, I realised that the house was quiet. They’d gone. Even after my reasonable request.

I pondered heading up to collect them but getting the car out and waking a 3yo and strapping him in his seat BEFORE he’d eaten breakfast was a recipe for disaster and I wouldn’t have had the time. I heard the bus slow down to pick them up a few minutes later.

Yes, I was angry and disappointed with my 9yo.   Master 5 would have stayed if she hadn’t been so bossy. I know her tactics too well.

Plus his glasses were sitting on the bathroom bench.

Also, Miss 9’s swimming gear was sitting on the couch.

Just as I was going to ring the school, the home phone rang.
It was Miss 9 ringing from the office. Telling me Master 5 was without his glasses. I told her I was unimpressed with her actions that morning. She was quiet.
“You also left your swimming gear behind,” She sighed.

No, I wasn’t going to take her things to her at school, she’d have to miss out. Plus we needed to talk about a suitable consequence when she arrived home in the afternoon.  She excused herself, telling me she needed to get off the phone.

Perhaps I should have rung the school back after that anyway. They were safe though, even if my annoyance hadn’t abated yet. Master 3 still had to be driven to his family daycarer so the glasses were dropped into the office in time to make their way to my big prep lad. Luckily.

We discussed the situation at length upon their return home. I asked my 5yo if he’d heard what I’d told his sister in the morning. He said he had.

“So why did you go with her?” I asked him pointedly.
“Coz she said I had to,” he told me earnestly.

After making sure he now knew to wait if I told him to, I turned to my headstrong daughter and asked her to hand over her roller skates for a week. She was totally unimpressed.

Days later, a friend (after hearing of her little escapade) asked Miss 9,
“So what did you learn from that?”
She shrugged and replied,
“To leave my brother behind”.


~ by C J on March 13, 2011.

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