Exception to the rule…

My eldest was ringing me. For some inane reason…again. I was somewhat grateful his calls to me were free, considering the sheer volume of them.

I needed to chat with him in regards to a letter he’d received. After securing a scholarship, he needed to attend a compulsory follow up session about his obligations for the year ahead as outlined in his correspondence… that we both knew he’d received and read.

“Why?” he bluntly asked me whilst pointing out the date for the follow up session was in fact the next day.

“I need to be at TaFE,” he responded just as flatly.
“The letter states it is compulsory,” I offered, trying to help him understand the obvious importance of the request.
“So is TaFE if they expect me to pass,” the conversation was over.
“GoodBYE Mother,” he intoned before hanging up.

I rolled my eyes. What was I supposed to do? Would he miss out on further grants if he didn’t attend the meeting? Ugh…

Giving in, I finally rang his case manager and gently explained his reluctance to attend. With his reasons.

“Hmm, yes,” she replied.
“We’ll need to do his a little differently. He has a point about being at his course, we only stipulate it as compulsory so those who are able to attend, do so,”

I was a little taken aback.
“I shall mail him out the relevant information he requires, please ask him to phone me during his next day off,” she seemed to be smiling as she spoke.

“Okay…” was all I could muster in response.

Upon Master 16’s arrival home, I passed on the message.

“See Mum, I told you it didn’t mean I had to attend,” as he disappeared into his room.



~ by C J on March 21, 2011.

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