Mirror, mirror…

“I won’t wear them, you can’t make me,” was my nine year old’s defiant statement when she realised she was being given a pair of quad skates for Christmas.

I shrugged. She pouted and ran to put on her inline skates for emphasis.

Why was I bothering to buy her something she obviously didn’t want? Well, the fact was that she DID want them… she had asked for a pair earlier in the year.

No biggie I figured. Her younger brothers both received a pair each and were getting along well with their balance. Each child had safety gear (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards)… I’m not a totally irresponsible parent (well only sometimes!) – I promise!

Funny it’s the Little Miss herself whom I clash the most with these days. My sweet, fair skinned, strawberry blonde Missy (who stole the hearts of all who met her as a toddler/baby) is a force to be  reckoned with these days. With her jaw set and her hazel eyes ablaze, I’m never in doubt of her temper. Perhaps one day she will learn to control it… but at nine, she’s a bundle of hormonal fury with a very short fuse… trouble is there are so many sparks flying around her when it comes to sibling rivalry.

Some days she tells me I’ve ruined her life (apparently so, by merely existing at times) or that I don’t care about her at all (hmmm why does this all sound so familiar???? ). Arms folded across her chest, feet just apart and staring me, directly and piercingly, in the eye daring me to challenge her. *sigh*

Ok, I’m not saying I was an angel at that age… but seriously, could I REALLY have been this stoic? This dogged on my own feelings/ideals? At nine?? Wellllllll perhaps I was by 12… nine is pushing it.

Back to the skates though… they arrived and since then, the inlines have been relegated to the garage. There is rarely an afternoon after school she doesn’t wear them up until bedtime if she can wangle it. She can side step, jump, stop, knee slide and turn in them easily.

Oh… and she goes out in them too. Last week she managed to make it all the way to an appointment (and home again) on all eight wheels… scaling 23 steps on her toe stops, a sloping footpath and climbing in and out of the car to boot. Leaving many a raised eyebrow in her wake.
What can I say… I just shrug and act like it’s all perfectly normal.

Soooo maybe, just MAYBE she is a wee, little bit like me… what choice does she get anyway? Guess she’ll never be a princess, I don’t handle divas. That leaves tomboys… Ah well, I better resolve to get used to those confrontations then.


~ by C J on March 25, 2011.

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