I see you…

My five year old son has prescription glasses. He has worn glasses since he was five months old. I’m frequently asked, “How do you KNOW that a baby that tiny needs glasses?”.

Well it’s fairly simple. He was cross-eyed from birth. Not ALL the time… but when he was tired. Having had my now nine year old go through eye checks from the age of one, I knew what to look out for.  Plus genetics did no favours for my middle son. Not only did his father have a squint in his younger years but his grandfather (MY Dad) did as well.  Thank YOU to the gene pool lucky dip!

So at his six week GP check up, I mentioned my concerns to our practitioner. At first she informed me she couldn’t see an issue (not that she didn’t believe me… it just wasn’t instantly apparent) however minutes later, she changed her mind and was writing a referral to the Opthamology Dept at our Childrens Hospital.   Somehow we managed to secure an appointment by the time my little man was three months old.  So back to the hospital we’d spent so much of the past four years in and out of.   On a good note, at least the staff already knew us there!

We left the first consultation with a script for his first pair of glasses. A new experience for me as a mother… somehow our daughter had avoided those. Almost two months later, the new accessory arrived.  He detested them.

We (myself and the older two siblings) would put them on his face, he’d immediately remove them. On, off, on, off, on, off… and so on for nearly a week. A bit like getting a baby to wear a hat I guess. Finally, one day, he just left them on.

The first pair were hideously large on him… it took me another month and four optometrists to source something a little more suitable for his tiny face.  Before he turned two years of age, he’d snapped the arms off three pairs of them.

It didn’t take me too long after that (thanks to the insistence of my paternal parent) to convert to titanium memory frames.   Plus with the addition of a baby brother, the choice was timely!

Master five has outgrown his first pair of these frames and is now onto his sixth set. And they aren’t cheap! Nor are the lenses he requires to correct his squint and his script has changed four times since he first wore them.  Plus I insist on the photo tinting for sunlight.  Ouch to the purse/pocket/bank account.

His opthamology appointments are now annual and his script has been stable for nearly three years. I had hoped he’d outgrow the need for them but so far it isn’t seeming likely.

For my son, they are just a normal part of everyday now… another article to put on as he dresses himself each morning… well, when he remembers!

“Where are your glasses little man?” I asked him the other morning as he strutted out in his uniform. He took off to the bathroom but returned empty handed.
“Did you find them?” I prompted.
“They aren’t in the bathroom,” he replied matter of factly.
“Well, I asked where they WERE, not where they weren’t,” I winked at him.
“Oh,” he started. “I don’t know,”
“Try your bedroom,” I prompted again.
“I would,” he folded his arms across his chest. “But I can’t *see* them without them on!”

Yes, I did shoot him a look… and he did run to get them.


~ by C J on March 31, 2011.

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