4 Reasons to smile…

1. At 13 months of age, my youngest son accompanied myself and his then 13 year old brother along on his last hospital surgical stay in the big smoke. The hernia operation was a straightforward repair of the abdominal wall where his surgical scars had not healed effectively. Minor in the grand scheme of things but major in the way any procedure involving a general anaesthetic is.

After a couple of days recouperation time, we were ready to leave… well I was. Pacing up and down the ward floor whilst pushing my baby in his stroller, hoping he’d soon fall asleep. Request upon request for my eldest to shower and dress so we could depart was falling upon deaf ears. Patience wearing thin, I sighed loudly, just as my toddler strained to twist side on out of his seat to view his sibling’s bed and in exasperation announced his first words, “Haaaaay UP!!”
Throwing himself back into his cosy carriage, I swore I could see a hint of a cheeky grin on his tiny face… as the other mothers seated at their children’s bedsides all dissolved in fits of unsuccessfully stifled giggles.

2. It was raining quite heavily outside. My littlest man and I were getting him ready for his day at preprep. Soon we could barely hear over the rain and I began singing (and I’m not that bad – really!).
“It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…”
“Stop Mum,” my blonde lad interupted me. “Why is he old?”
“I’m not sure… it’s just the words of the song,”
“So what’s his name?”
“Who? The old man?”
“I have no idea… what do you think?”
“I think his name is Josh. So we need to use his name in the song now!”
Hmmm… suddenly I don’t feel like singing anymore…

3. On his only day at home with me this week, my littlest man requested a visit to the coffee shop… he NEEDED a “cino”… apparently.

4. Listening to the same lad sleeping on the couch beside me… as he really, really, REALLY wanted to sleep beside his mum tonight after an overload of sushi, vege kebabs and his first birthday cake (yes, I’ve been a slack mother and not found a half decent chocolate cake recipe without egg until now…) and plenty of lego presents to keep him happy for a lifetime. In his words, “it was the best birthday Mum… I even got candles!”
So the threenager has left the building and a confident four year old is here to stay… well for at least the next 12 months.

***Happy Birthday to my precious youngest boy.
With all the love and cuddles in world. ***

~ by C J on April 7, 2011.

4 Responses to “4 Reasons to smile…”

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    Now, where do I find that eggless chocolate cake? I need to make one for Ben’s classmate tomoz!

  2. Nawwww, happy birthday little J xoxo. Candles and all, huh?

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