Who’d have thought?

Our house has been literally buzzing this week. Why?? Not because this Sunday is Mothers Day (but I *could* wish though! ) but for two very different reasons.

Firstly it’s family camp time. A weekend of lazing around a resort beside one of the most well known beaches in Queensland… well Oz or perhaps even the world. With friends and family who’ve been there and “get it”.

We have no idea who will be on camp WITH us… maybe we’ll know the other families, maybe we won’t. None of that matters, we are usually firm friends by the time we all check out on Sunday.

Meanwhile it’s pajama parties, eating out, late night shows, chatting around the heated pools, kids off to kids club, older children off to pinball palour (oh… I *forgot* to mention that bit to Master 16… so just keep that to yourself for now please! ), coffee and cake at the cafe by the pool, lunch and laughter and being squished into a resort room at night. Yay!

The children are excited. Well except the eldest of course… it’s NOT cool to be excited about this kind of thing now is it?? But secretly he is. Even if he HAS asked me numerous times, how, when, where and which! Maybe by the time we leave on the two hour drive down tomorrow he’ll be prepared for it. He’s been warned it’s a laptop free zone… he took it well, lets hope it stays that way! Fingers crossed.

We’ll be homeward bound just before lunch on Sunday… and missing out on a day at Dreamworld. You would think they’d be devastated… but no, they are ok with it. WIN!

Secondly, when we get back to our coast… it’s Friends and Family Scrimmage! Our roller derby team has all growed up now and is having a scrim with one of the longer established Southern leagues’ reserve team! Woohoo!

The children will all finally get to see their first bout… and we’ve invited all our friends and family to come and watch for the afternoon. It’s going to be great!

And yes, I DO get the irony of the occasion… being Mothers Day and all… but isn’t this what ALL Mums would like for their day – a weekend of doing just what makes HER happy?
See, told you I was blessed. 

So have a wonderful Mothers Day to all my very spesh Mama friends out there. 


~ by C J on May 5, 2011.

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  1. sounds super-awesome to me!
    Go Assassins!!

  2. i can’t wait to be picked up on the way back and to see you guys and have a sleep over!

  3. Happy Mothers Day gorgeous woman! Have a great time away. I am wayyyy jealous!!!

    D xxx

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