5 things that made me laugh out loud.

1. Master 5 asking if the doctors were all at the hospital because they were sick.

2. A very young boy child in a shopping trolley at our local organics store, pointed at me and loudly announced to his mother, “Look at her hair…it’s DIFFERENT!”

3. The look a woman shot me, as she waited beside my idling vehicle to cross the road, when my car stereo finally found it’s place and very suddenly and loudly punctuated the air with “Star Trekkin” mid song. The look came AFTER she’d nearly leapt over my bonnet in surprise… (I responded with an appropriate shrug and smile… ).

4. My four year old lad arriving home in an adult size black derby league hoodie that reached down to his knees (with the hood up of course!)… the funny part being the title “Princess” embroidered on the front… .

5. The independent (“I don’t need you Mum”) 16 yo sitting at the table going through his mail and trying to fill out his forms to attend Canteen camp with this monologue:
“Oh, that part is for you to fill out, mum… that part too. Darn it… I can’t even go to camp without my mum since I’m under 18!”
Nice thought son… but I’m not sure they’d let me on “Man Camp”.


~ by C J on May 13, 2011.

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  1. LMAO hahahahahaha gotta love scaring random strangers lol

    C sounds like B with his mail! His first letter from c’link came today and he looked at it, looked at me and said “i got no idea mum, you have to read it” lol

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