Did you HAVE to?

My children can be so literal… so so SO literal… it makes you think twice sometimes. On many occasions I’ve stopped AFTER I’ve said/requested something with my own offspring, when their response isn’t what I expected.

My latest smartphone was missing. I went to send a text one day and it wasn’t in my bag/on my desk/beside my bed/in the car. Believe me, I checked! Now I’m not the most responsible technology owner… I’m the first to admit that, but surely I’d not be too far from my phone!
I tried to call it, just like you would – right? No response. It didn’t even ring, Considering it was fully charged, there was no reason for it to be switched off. Ugh. Funnily enough, I wasn’t panicked. Obviously I lose expensive things often… shhh don’t tell my mother I still do it!

Once I sat down and started to think on where I last saw it, I remembered having it in my pocket at the organics store. Logic would dictate (and with me being such a creature of habit…) that it would then have been placed into the car and plugged into the charger. I vaguely remembered that… or was it the day before that? Meh.

I would have parked the car, grabbed the shopping and my bag/phone/keys etc and taken them into the house surely! Well I did, I even recalled putting my phone into the shopping bag to carry it inside.
Then it was placed on the table… before the shopping was put away.
So my dilemma… was WHERE did it go then?
Suddenly it dawned on me… I had asked my then 14 yo son to put the cold items into the fridge for me.
He did.
In the bag.

WITH my phone.

*Just FYI (for your information) – touch screens don’t like a night in a refrigerator. Yes, I DID have quite a time explaining THAT to my insurance company. *


~ by C J on May 23, 2011.

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