Pulling rank…

“Are you UP yet?” a pause followed by a groan and another voice,
“I am!” punctuated by eating sounds, the ding of a spoon on a ceramic bowl and slurping.

“You’ll be laaaaate!!” with yet another louder groan.

“Argh! Why do you have to wake me up?” my nine year old daughter was in fine form already.
“I didn’t,” I replied, “however, you really do need to get a move on – you have 20 mins to catch the bus,” I didn’t budge from my own bed though. Lunches were prepared, breakfast and uniforms were ready… short of standing around trying to hurry them up, there was little for me to do this morning.
“You better hurry up,” the other voice stated firmly.
A few minutes later, it followed with, “What ARE you waiting for? The clock is on the four… MOVE IT!”
After a few scuffling sounds and my middle two urging each other out the door, I confronted my four year old.
“So why aren’t YOU dressed Mister?”
With raised eyebrows and a look of distain, he rolled his eyes and answered, “Coz I’m too busy doing YOUR job!”


~ by C J on May 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “Pulling rank…”

  1. Bahahahahaha J & B need to get together, I’ve copped that line afew times lol

    For the hour these kids are up before the mad rush out the door to make the bus stop in time I don’t stop! Doesn’t matter if I have everything ready, I still end up being a record of “come on! move it!”

  2. That’s why I give up and stay in bed! LOL! 😉

  3. I wish! B can’t help himself but MAKE me get out of bed if he’s awake!

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