10 things I gave up to be a mum

1. My wardrobe…
I used to have designer jeans, handmade shoes and custom accessories and some spectacularly unique outfits. Okay… so I’ve swapped it for more “sensible wear”  op shop sourced regular jeans, t shirts, hoodies, knee high socks accompanied by Docs and/or Birkenstocks.

2. My penchant for customising my cars.
Mag wheels, side skirts, pin stripes, special manifolds and modified wheel arches used to be the norm. Now it’s factory alloy wheels, side steps, airbrushing, loud stereos and personalised plates.

3. Late nights out with my friends.
Nightclubs, partying, being propositioned inappropriately by inebriated males and hangovers. Well I didn’t say I missed all of these…

4. Sunday sleep ins.
Every week without fail, Sunday was my “stay in bed, don’t get up for anything until you really want to” day. Strangely enough, my three youngest spend most Sundays with their father and my teenager is unlikely to interrupt his own sleep in to wake me these days… so maybe I have those back?

5. Work.
Getting up at 6am to be showered, dressed, fed and ready to drive the half an hour to work in peak hour traffic. I don’t miss the early mornings, nor the drive… but I still have to be awake at ridiculous o’clock to make sure four offspring are dressed, fed and have lunches made in time to catch an equally stupid early o’clock school bus.

6. Weekly movie theatre nights.
I was there, without fail every Tuesday evening with my sister. Ready to laugh, eat popcorn, bump into random friends and get square eyes. Now it’s a birthday treat for each child and sitting through G rated animations with popcorn spilt across seats, endless whispers to the child to “sit down and watch the movie” whilst trying to take in enough of it to answer any left of field questions, posed by aforementioned offspring, in the 20 minute drive home! *sigh*

7. Privacy.
I used to have my own room… and often even a bathroom when sharing houses. I could hide out whenever I needed to, without fear of being interrupted. These days, unless there’s a lock on the door, it’s opened at will, by any number of inquisitive or tale telling children, incessantly. Showers are usually punctuated by piercing yells to me about whatever inane thought has popped into someone’s head (and yes, I’m fully expected to not only hear it and decipher it but to also reply!!).

8. Long weekend drives.
To markets, visit friends, devonshire teas in the rainforest/range or whatever took my fancy. The mere thought of being confined to the cabin space of my vehicle with all of my children on such a trip is much much less attractive. Guess I save on petrol and carbon miles though.

9. The ability to sleep through a night undisturbed.
Nothing used to be able to wake me… and I was never known for being a happy riser. Nowadays I will be up at the sound of a groan or whimper, ready to make the next move after assessing follow up noises from the relevant child (and deciphering each, dependent on which child it is!).

10. My sanity.
I’m sure I used to have some…. at one point. Just can’t remember when. This of course poses the question as to whether I needed it to begin with… considering how far I seem to have come in the past 16 years or so without it!!


~ by C J on June 5, 2011.

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  1. I decided to follow your example and do my own list… maybe not the best day to do it lol But I guess at least being in this mood it makes me truthful! lol

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