10 things I gained as a mum.

1. The ability to multitask. I’m positive this is bestowed upon us as soon as our first little darling is birthed. I can now cook a meal, direct homework, referee a melee, talk on the phone and rollerskate all at the same time. All with split second timing of course!

2. The knowledge of each and every Thomas the Tank Engine… errr engines! Yes, I’m now fluent in the language and names of the Island of Sodor. Thanks to having not one but THREE boys – I have had regular reminders for the past 16 years to make sure I don’t forget them again!

3. Being able to walk around my home town and have people/children ask me if I am *insert name of child*’s mum. Causing me to wonder how they know my child with an added pang of guilt that perhaps it may not be a positive reason for the enquiry. Or ponder, as I continue on my way, if it is indeed to do with my bright coloured hair and the fact that I stand out.
Mind you, I will have no idea who they are (and may stare blankly back) – as I haven’t for years, being interviewed on local TV and radio for a while all those years ago seems to remove any invisible walls people have about approaching you in public and chatting as if they’ve known you forever…

4. An intimate knowledge of the local (and slightly further afield) health services, from physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy to maternity services to paediatrics and back to oncology, I’ve been there, done that and challenged that it along the way, any number of times and run out of fingers/toes to count them on. Although, if any of my children ever presented with a mere fracture, I’m sure I’d struggle to know what to do to start with!!

5. The need to drive a people mover. That need facilitating my rebellion. My rebellion meaning I drive an SUV… but at least I can tow a camper van/loaded trailer if and when I needed to! Still plotting my revenge and triumphant return to a sporty sedan with a manual gearbox… and any other personal touches I deem necessary.

6. A never ending supply of warm bodies to snuggle up with on a chilly night… unless it’s Dad’s day of the week and then I just have to be thankful for a warm wool quilt and house.

7. Negotiation skills that would impress any solicitor. Ever tried bargaining with your two/three/four/five/16 year old over dinner? If you have, you’ll know of half my battles. The other half are related to the offspring with added personality (ASD) and thus require extra reasoning talents to then attain any likelihood of getting through to them! Surely I’d have the equivalent of a degree or two by now!

8. An ability to cook a meal for any number of allergies and intolerances… and for any number of mouths, with little warning before it is required. My children will, of course, whine loudly and protest at whatever is being served without restraint. They will also eat it rather swiftly and request seconds soon after.

9. Ninja budgeting skills. These have been honed over long periods of minimal income. It took me a few years to manage to balance the scales in my favour… but I did it. Now I just need to make sure others learn those secrets!

10. Any number of willing huggers, snugglers, cuddlers ,”I love you” ers, “I NEED you Mummy” ers and approving smilers on any given day… as long as it isn’t during school time!


~ by C J on June 11, 2011.

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  1. Nodding and agreeing to all statements, with the exception of number 4 (thankfully haven’t had to master this one 😉 ) and number 8 applies to me, rather than the kidlets *sigh*. And oh yeah – exchange number 2 for ‘The Land Before Time’ or ‘Barbie’ characters 😛

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