How to get your son to ski camp…

1. Attempt to reason with him that he requires a drastic haircut because:
a) he doesn’t wash it
b) he doesn’t comb it, and
c) he won’t be able to keep a beanie on the out-of-control afro…

2. Ask if he’s planned how he’s getting to the airport by 7:15am on a very cold winter’s morning if he objects to the current arrangements, knowing full well he’ll settle for the original plan eventually.

3. Nag him to find his wallet for at least a fortnight beforehand… remind him he NEEDS it for his photo ID to board the plane.

4. Stack all of the required WARM clothing, sleeping requirements and other requested items in his suitcase. Repack them early in the morning, after the aforementioned offspring has tossed out all items he deems as surplus – namely ALL items with long sleeves, long legs or made of anything remotely fluffy.

5. Drag male child out of bed, extremely early in the morning, throwing repacked suitcase in the boot of the car, before he knows what’s happening. Cross fingers he doesn’t wake up to it BEFORE he reaches his snowy destination.


~ by C J on July 16, 2011.

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  1. You know, I think we are having the same haircut issues with the boys… if only you could see what BL16 let his ex do instead of taking me up on the offer to get a hairdresser to do it… think.. the Beatles… *sigh*

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